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Old Meets New Collection

Posted by Angeline Weiss on

When old intersects new, magic is made. With the newest collection, we have encapsulated just that - vintage romance, meets modern whimsy. The Old Euro collection has completely redefined what a timeless piece of jewelry is. Using century-old European cut diamonds in modern settings and modern cut gems in vintage settings, this line of rings is truly one-of-a-kind.

Let's go back, WAY BACK...

Between the 1890s and 1930s, Old European Cut diamonds were 100% hand cut making them each completely unique, with its own story to tell. Mother nature created, human hands perfected, these intricately crafted gems were specifically made to shine in candlelit settings, which is why they were cut with dispersion or “fire” of multicolor reflections always in mind. This is the main feature and cut differentiation which distinguishes an Old European Cut diamond from a Modern Round Brilliant Cut diamond; the more widely popular gem used in modern jewelry for its sparkle and brilliance and cut mostly for fluorescence light to show its best features. 

Did you know....

With current machine and tool precisions, Modern Cut diamonds can be stylized to look like Old European Cut diamonds, made using modern techniques and wanting to look like an old cut diamond! Yet another reason why these authentic Old European Cut diamonds are a true rarity!

Last but not least...Role switch!

With sustainability and eco-friendliness in mind, Kasia decided to hold on to the original vintage settings and give them a new life with stones that feel more appropriate and bring modern feel out of perfectly vintage settings! You'll find modern cut onyx laid in antique platinum and 18k white gold settings, made to reinvent heirlooms for generations to come. The hand-etched, intricately detailed and most importantly original settings really speak to the soul that these pieces carry and can continue to be carried on.

We invite you to take a peek into this collection’s vintage meets modern feel and fall in love as if it was 1920 mixed with all things new!

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How to Style our Bold Collection

Posted by Angeline Weiss on

We cannot get enough of these wonderfully BOLD pieces, and apparently we're not alone! Warm yellow gold and uniquely set, one of a kind stones make these pieces covetable and different from anything we've seen before. But what pieces can pair with them as to compliment the look, and not take away from it? We've got fresh ideas we think you'll love! Bold but never Bulky!

First up is our Lilinoe Ring, paired with Kiyomi Band on top, and Black Diamond McKenna Band on bottom. We love the contrasting colors, and the contour around the pear center stone adds an unexpected twist. 

Beautiful Valencia Ring is paired with Rio Band, Mali Band, and Clara Band. For a metal forward look, contrasted and framed by bright, white Diamonds keeping unity amongst all the points.

Harika Ring is truly a showstopper - she doesn't need much! Paired with Emerald Lucy Band for a subtle pop of color. We love the way Emeralds can add such personality to any stack. Not a lot, just a little!

Bold and modern Harlow Ring, paired with Half Dicha Band and Maddison Band. Baguette Diamonds add to its very modern feel, and Maddison Band plays up the negative space. 

Zuelke Ring and Maizi Band - a match made in heaven. The two have a similar feel - matte finish with a domed shape. They give us the same feeling that an amazing suit would.

Mata Ring paired with Lorelei Band offers a fun metal-on-metal look. The organic shape of Lorelei band adds a soft touch to the structure of Mata Ring, for those after just a touch of shine. 

How are you styling your BOLD pieces? We would love to know! Tag us on Instagram, and you may just see your pairings on our page. 

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Taking a Bold Approach

Posted by Angeline Weiss on

Kasia has had her head full of new inspirations and ideas...and we are so excited to share them with you.

Jewelry is often referred to as wearable art. These rather statement ring designs are steering in a more masculine direction with unique form that showcase a well-defined blend of futuristic features and simplicity. Exuding a casual cool feel, with a bold take on gender neutrality, these newest pieces were born out of a response to this “different” year..

Displaying an unapologetic boldness and a fighter attitude, each piece uses a one-of-a-kind stone that cannot be replicated. Find unexpected details in the positioning of each stone and appreciate a true beauty in the slight misalignment.

We love these pieces as alternative bridal engagement rings, or to be worn as statement pieces. (Because your right hand deserves it, too.)

When a piece of jewelry can make you feel as though you have some sort of superpower: amazing strength and a feeling of being untouchable, you’ve found something truly special. And we hope these pieces bring you just that.

Let’s bring on 2021 with nothing but those superpowers! Shop these pieces and more here.

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