About Kasia

At a young age, Kasia Zygnerska Rosales found the perfect outlet for her creativity working with gems, metals and stones. Her passion for jewelry-making revealed a true artistic talent that was quickly recognized. When strangers started asking to buy the jewelry she was wearing, Kasia realized she’d found her calling. What began as a hobby making jewelry for herself and her friends became a career, and she launched her first line, Simply Kasia, in 2014.


As her brand grew, Kasia introduced a fine jewelry collection and combined both lines under one umbrella, creating Kasia Jewelry. The semi-curated line utilizes delicate, unexpected details and a feminine approach with an emphasis on slight asymmetry, displaying a minimal and refined aesthetic.

“Simplicity is the key to sophistication,” Kasia often says.

Born in Poland, Kasia has enjoyed many opportunities to travel throughout Europe, America, and parts of Africa, and these trips inspired and influenced the jewelry she carries. Her fashion-forward, yet classic, powerful designs and curated selections are the ultimate expression of this. Each item displays her creative use of color, amazing attention to detail, and impeccable awareness of proportions. From choosing the stones to putting finishing touches, she strives to ensure each and every custom-made piece is distinctively unique.

In 2016, Kasia opened her highly anticipated showroom, where she takes appointments and builds custom-made projects with clients.

All of Kasia’s jewelry is handcrafted with ethically sourced stones.

“Simplicity is the Key to Sophistication”