#KasiaTribe Favorite, Black Onyx

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If you are a follower of Kasia Jewelry, you’ve without a doubt been mesmerized by our best-selling Onyx Ring. Whether you first saw it on our Instagram, when worn by our all-time favorite blogger, Ashley Torres of Everyday Pursuits, or perhaps you’ve first discovered this iconic piece in BRIDES Magazine’s recent Onyx Engagement Rings blog post.

What makes this piece so special and desirable? In our opinion, there is something so striking and so untraditional about the Onyx stone. Completely opposite of a classic white Diamond, this piece speaks to the edginess and strong individual in all of us - making a bold statement, yet also evoking a feeling of romance.

Perhaps this is because it is arguably most recognizable in the cameos of the Victorian era. It was worn by Queen Victoria to express her mourning over the death of her husband, Prince Albert. Now Onyx is often associated with the Zodiac sign Leo, as well as with 7th year anniversaries. (To your significant other: hint hint!)

Onyx can be set in an ornate design, deeply contrasted with bright white Diamonds, as displayed in our Onyx Astro Ring, or our Margeaux Ring. We also love the simplicity of the stone when set as the star of the show, as seen in our Onyx Ring and Horizontal Onyx Ring

Onyx is on a softer side compared to a Diamond, however it is also much more affordable, and when treated with love, it can last for generations. We recommend cleaning your Onyx piece with mild soap and water, and a soft toothbrush. Store it away from other jewelry in your pink Kasia Jewelry pouch to prevent any surface scratches from rubbing against other pieces. Lastly, be sure to take it off before performing any strenuous activity, such as exercising, cleaning, or showering as any jewelry should be. 

Schedule an in-person or virtual appointment with one of our stylists to create your own story using an Onyx piece as the ultimate foundation. 

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