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Kasia Jewelry Showroom Coordinator is a detailed problem solver who is able to wear many hats, and thrives in a supportive role. This position has a focus in operations and supporting the client journey - from beginning to end! Sounds like you? Learn more here.

Kasia Jewelry's Showroom Manager is a natural leader. You will oversee operations and sales to ensure each of them is providing the highest level of service and outstanding experiences for our clients. Leading by example. You'll know Kasia's processes and brand initiatives like the back of your hand! Sounds like you? Learn more here.

You understand Kasia Jewelry brand voice and have true vision. You use strategy, development, and execution of marketing initiatives across all channels to support growth and achieve company goals. You have proven experience developing and executing marketing plans and campaigns that inspire. You are passionate with day-to-day marketing activity details, as well as long-term strategy, with the ability to build and adapt to changing needs. Sounds like you? Learn more here.