Taking a Bold Approach

Posted by Angeline Weiss on

Kasia has had her head full of new inspirations and ideas...and we are so excited to share them with you.

Jewelry is often referred to as wearable art. These rather statement ring designs are steering in a more masculine direction with unique form that showcase a well-defined blend of futuristic features and simplicity. Exuding a casual cool feel, with a bold take on gender neutrality, these newest pieces were born out of a response to this “different” year..

Displaying an unapologetic boldness and a fighter attitude, each piece uses a one-of-a-kind stone that cannot be replicated. Find unexpected details in the positioning of each stone and appreciate a true beauty in the slight misalignment.

We love these pieces as alternative bridal engagement rings, or to be worn as statement pieces. (Because your right hand deserves it, too.)

When a piece of jewelry can make you feel as though you have some sort of superpower: amazing strength and a feeling of being untouchable, you’ve found something truly special. And we hope these pieces bring you just that.

Let’s bring on 2021 with nothing but those superpowers! Shop these pieces and more here.

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