What Would Kasia Do? WWKD

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Our office is small but mighty. Mighty to the point of creating an internal office phrase we would like to elaborate on in this blog post- “What Would Kasia Do?” aka “WWKD?” This is something we often find ourselves asking when navigating all sorts of unique interactions in the world of fine jewelry; but what does it truly mean to ask “WWKD”? In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey to learn the true meaning behind it...  


Through over 15 years of experience in the industry under her belt, raw passion, and creative direction unlike any other, Kasia has brought new meaning to what fine jewelry is and how it is meant to be a part of us. Her one-of-a-kind or carefully curated designs, strict eye for detail and unorthodox way of merging modern trends with timeless elements has been a pillar for many of our clients in identifying their own “voice” when it comes to building their jewelry stories. Allow us to give you a glimpse into the mindset behind the magic!


Kasia Jewelry does not fall into the category of your typical jewelry store. We break the stigma. We go against the grain. We “Create Our Own Story”, celebrating self-expression everyday and inviting our clients to do the same! That’s what has led to the incredible network of ever so growing KJ Family members we have today that found us through seeking unconventional, nontraditional designs, highly-praised, personalized expert styling, and intimacy through appointment-based interactions. 

Now that we have a better understanding of the question, let’s walk through 3 frequent questions that lead us right back to “WWKD?”:


Yes but...no. All depends on the type of jewelry we're talking about, with rings being the most vulnerable, as they reside on our most dynamic body part - hand. You may have also heard us say it before, and we’ll always stand behind the “fine jewelry has FINE in it for a reason”. While we understand that most jewelry-wearers today have a preference for having their jewelry be a part of them, we truly believe that pieces are best worn like a pair of really nice shoes; you take them off when you get home and put them back on before venturing out into the world (leave rings at home for your favorite Pilates, Yoga or Gym classes or Costco runs though).

Be sure to read through our Jewelry Care blog for more tips on how to best treat your treasured heirlooms. 


Mixing is a MUST. If you know us, you know we’re not the biggest fans of a “matchy matchy” look. Bringing contrast, definition and character in any stack (rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings included) is essential in building a balanced and versatile personal collection. 

Whether you're mixing metals, statement and dainty pieces, or even textures, know that it is certainly something Kasia would do! 


We’ll always sway toward bold styles, however, there’s room for both, especially if you have the right pieces to do so within your jewelry reserve. We're all about championing a mixed element into any jewelry story, bold with simple styles included. If there’s anything Kasia would NOT do, it's being predictable with her jewelry stylings. Keep it fun, keep in interesting but always intentional. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, jewelry is the easiest way to refine any look - regardless of how bold you go… but as we always say, more is MORE. 

With all of this in mind, we hope the next time you consider how to style, select, or even redesign a piece, you’ll take a moment to ask yourself, “What Would Kasia Do" as we keep it in mind on the daily. 

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