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Now that you own a piece (or two) from the Kasia Jewelry collection, we want you to wear it for years to come. Fine jewelry is just that- fine jewelry. Properly caring for and cleaning your jewelry, especially those pieces with precious stones, is vital to your piece’s longevity and overall daily appearance. It requires consistent care in order to maintain the metal longevity, prevent avoidable damage to your stone or setting, and to avoid buildup, causing a dirty or cloudy appearance. Here are a few simple steps you can take to keep your jewelry looking like new!

Proper Wear

It starts from your fingers! Be mindful of wearing rings right next to one another, where fingers may rub against each other! 

Gold is a very soft metal, and the higher the karat (meaning the purer the gold), the more vulnerable a gold piece is to nicks, scratches, and even warping. We recommend removing your precious jewelry before any activity that can harm the metal, most importantly the prongs or the stone(s). Exercising, gardening, showering, sleeping, moving boxes, etc. are just a few activities to name that can harm the integrity of your piece. 


Remove all jewelry before being exposed to chemicals of any kind, including cleaning chemicals, lotions, soaps, and makeup. This keeps your jewelry free from harsh chemicals that can damage the metal causing mild erosion, and also prevents your precious stones from collecting grease and oils that can cloud its appearance and brilliance. Diamonds in particular attract oils from our fingers which can cause a cloudy appearance, so it is important to not directly touch your diamond without a soft cleaning cloth. 

Heat and Light 

This damage doesn’t occur too often but it’s something to be mindful of. During the summer months, we tend to bring our jewelry out where it’s sunny and warm. While this doesn’t harm the pieces in small doses, it’s important that when you get home, your jewelry gets to have a reprieve from the bright light and the heat. Too much sunlight can fade gemstones - especially opals, corals, and pearls. Additionally, if it gets hot enough, the metal can easily bend or warp. 


Clean your jewelry regularly using warm water, gentle soap, and a soft toothbrush. If your jewelry does appear dirty, cloudy, or just not sparkling as much as it used to, we recommend using warm water, basic soap (no moisturizing agents) and a soft toothbrush to clean the top, sides, and if possible, the bottom of your stone. Please don’t forget to plug the drain before doing this cleaning. Rinse it off! To dry your pieces, gently pat it with a paper towel. Every once so often we recommend giving your jewelry a professional cleanse.


Store your jewelry in a soft pouch or padded jewelry box. Different stones have different levels of hardness and can cause damage when rubbed up against each other. Diamond is the hardest precious stone and can scratch or cause damage to any other stone (including other diamonds) and metal. This is why it is important to separate your jewelry, in a soft pouch or case. Each Kasia Jewelry purchase comes with a small pouch to make sure you store your jewelry safely. We also offer specially made, portable pouches with specific segments for rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets to keep pieces where they belong. To purchase one of these beautiful and useful cases, please visit us at our Solana Beach Showroom

“Oil Changes”

Schedule bi-yearly appointments to maintain the condition of the piece. At Kasia Jewelry, we like to refer to this as coming in for a “jewelry oil change”. Jewelry oil changes are a vital part of caring for your jewelry. As stated earlier, even our everyday activities that involve our hands have potential to lift a prong, damage the shape of your ring or even crack your stone if struck hard enough. These changes in your piece may be so subtle that you may not see them with the naked eye, so it is important to bring your piece in every 6 months for a proper inspection personally performed by Kasia. For warranty information on your piece, please visit:

We hope this information makes you feel at ease and educated on how to care for your growing Kasia Jewelry collection! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us here.

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