Don’t Be Afraid of Adding Color to Your Story!

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They say that fashion is cyclical in nature – each trend eventually making its way back to the forefront of our minds and onto our bodies every twenty years or so. And while trends may come and go, the classics are forever: A crisp white button up, trusty denim jeans, Diamonds, and everyday Gold jewelry that looks good with just about anything. These pieces will stand the test of time until the end of time – but aren’t there any classics that have fun with a little color? 

Enter the Emerald. These gemstones have been long adored for their subtle boldness, striking green color and aura of royalty – nothing says everyday opulence quite like them. 

With Emeralds, however, lies the misconception that they are a bit too luxurious for daily styling. Too luxe, too colorful, too regal, too much – we’ve heard it all before, but we are here to debunk that myth. But we know what you are wondering … How can I make Emeralds work for me every day? How can I style them correctly and play with color without doing too much?

No worries, KJ Fam – we’ve got you covered. Here is the definitive guide on how to style Emeralds, from minimalistic pops of color to deliciously bold eye-catching statement pieces. 


First up, we have a little ear candy! Here we have some of our favorite Emerald earring styles, Amanda and Hannah surrounded by a mix of contemporary statement pieces and timeless classics. We absolutely love the contrasting shapes and colors! Just look at how those Emerald green details pop against the accompanying Diamonds and Yellow Gold to create a visually intriguing earscape that stands out on virtually any skin tone. 


Following this same idea is our Emerald Tatiana Necklace. With its Yellow Gold-forward design that mimics rays of sunshine and contrasting, geometric Emerald center stone as an eye-catching focal point, it is the perfect subtle statement piece in any layered necklace look. This splash of color is intentional, yet subtle – the perfect play pieces in experimenting with shape and color without going overboard. 


Nothing screams everyday luxury like our Small Morlet Ring. The signet style adds a minimalistic, yet retro feel that is perfect for any right hand or as an alternative engagement ring. Its slightly domed structure is playful and fun, while its east to west set Emerald center stone adds a touch of sophistication. Business in the front, party all around. Pieces like this are a great example of experimenting with color while still investing in something unique enough to stand on its own, yet classic enough to build a layered look with. 


Emeralds are not only a great way to add a cool edge to any casual look, but also an incredible way to add color to any engagement ring stack and give it that covetable non-traditional flair in a way that will stand the test of time. Because if there is one thing we love mixing Emeralds with, it’s Diamonds! Case in point, our Yarim Band. Gorgeous on its own, but the vintage feel it adds to this engagement stack is downright swoonworthy. 


Where contemporary form meets artful drama. Minimalistic, yet bold, our Reeve Band perfectly frames this geometric engagement ring style by juxtaposing this striking shade of green with an intentional inclusion of negative space to create a very eclectic, yet modern feel. This pairing is definitely for the alternative bride who doesn’t want anything too outside the norm – just something unique enough to call her own. 


This is the one for the non-traditional brides who are unafraid to stand out – for the gal who loves a conversation starter and appreciates this balance of pigment, structure and play. This set is metal-forward, colorful and commanding – the perfect not-so-subtle pop of color and shine to add to any and every look. While the Yolie Ring is the commanding presence in this stack, its bold hue and vintage-inspired cut taking center stage, it is not to be upstaged by this accompanying thick Yellow Gold contour band that adds whimsy, form and modernity. These pieces are perfect opposites that work together to deliver a finished product that is dripping with impact. 

As we begin the month of May, these stones hold an even deeper significance to its wearer. Apart from being this month’s birthstone, Emeralds are symbolic of prosperity, good luck and fortune, making them ideal for special occasions and everyday styling all month long and each month to come. 

Regardless of if you are just beginning your journey into jewelry, or are a seasoned connoisseur looking to broaden your collection with some splashes of green, Emeralds are an incredible stone to add to your arsenal. They are regal and refined, yet add so much interest and fun to any look.

With Emeralds, the world is your oyster! Whether you are at work, grabbing lunch with your girlfriends or on a dinner date with your significant other, there is a way to incorporate Emeralds into each and every outfit, no matter your personal style or aesthetic. Just be sure that you are showing your Emeralds a little extra care and LOVE!

There is a time and a place for everything – and with Emeralds, it's always and everywhere. 

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