At Kasia Jewelry, proper craftsmanship is our top priority and we ensure that every item goes through thorough quality checks. However, fine jewelry is delicate by nature. If any structural damage were to happen, we offer a 12 month warranty* (from the delivery time) excluding the center stone and sides stones over 1.5mm. Our warranty protects the purchase against manufacturing defects that could come up as a result of Kasia Jewelry having done something unintentionally wrong in the build and fabrication process.

After one-year, should anything need to be repaired, we would be more than happy to do so at cost. 

Please note that if a piece needing repair is still under warranty, Kasia Jewelry will not be responsible for the cost of repair if the damage has been caused due to negligence or excessive wear and tear. This includes any damages caused by, but not limited to, not adhering to our recommended care guidelines. You can read more about care guidelines here

We also recommend you insure your piece(s). This offers full protection in the event of severe or irreparable damage, loss or theft. 

*All repair shipping costs are at clients expense. Please be sure to insure and track any pieces you ship to us should repairs be needed. If you are local, we offer repair drop-off at our Showroom. Please follow this link to schedule.

**Please be aware that any additional work done on our jewelry without our approval (sizing, polishing, soldering, etc) by anyone else other than Kasia Jewelry voids our in-house warranty.