Natural vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds

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Our take on Natural vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds
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September Birthstone, Sapphire!

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September babies (and gemstone admirers everywhere), did you know that the famously blue Sapphire can also be found in vibrant colors of violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, and even gray and black? Sapphires can be found in nearly every color besides Ruby red! Additionally, Sapphires can show two or more colors at once, which are referred to as “Parti Sapphires.” This is just one aspect of the stone that makes them so truly fascinating to us! Just take a look at this range of sapphire tones from our Colored Gemstone collection. 

Rating a 9/10 on Mohs Hardness scale, Sapphires are a wonderful option for everyday wear. Perhaps one of the most famous engagement rings to ever have been, Princess Diana and now Kate Middleton wear a stunning oval Sapphire ring that has given the stone a forever royal feeling. 

Historically, the most coveted Sapphires are found in the region of Kashmir, located in the Sumjam village (a province controlled by India). They are famous for their near-perfect qualities and deep, cornflower blue color. Australia is host to many Parti Sapphires as mentioned above, which typically range from yellow to green to blue. Montana Sapphires (mined right here in Montana, US) can range in color from deep teal to more pale or pastel blue/green hues, making them one of our favorite varieties.

If you wish to incorporate this diverse and captivating gemstone into your jewelry story, we’ve got you covered! Pictured below is our Micah necklace, Pasha ring, Neomi ring, Rahi ring, Joss ring, Kira band, Eternity Rainbow band, and our Tika band. Which vibrant Sapphire beauty is your favorite?

Shop ALL Sapphire pieces here!

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KJ Couples: Aubrie and Jordan

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We love your love! That is why we have decided to reach out to a few of our amazing Kasia Family members, new and returning, to tell their stories. Love is powerful, beautiful, diverse and worthy of honoring through your unique story. By sharing these openly with you, we intend to spread joy in a time when we need it the most. We understand the privilege it is to be a part of your story, and we hope the sincerity of these couples will reflect the very special relationships we aim to have with everyone who walks through our doors (whether in-person or virtually).

Next up, we have Aubrie & Jordan. Two adventurous spirits whose story of love and reconnection is sure to inspire! 


When did you know that your partner was THE ONE?

When we decided to rekindle our flame after not speaking for nearly two years; I knew he was the one. We had been through so many ups and downs that I knew if we could make it through all that, then we could make it through anything together. 

What is one thing you love about your significant other?

He is the most trustworthy person I know! Trust is so essential in a relationship and I just know that I can always count on him. He has been there for me time and time again.

What is an activity you love to do together?

We are big adventure buffs! We love snowboarding together in the winter and camping in the summer. Our love of getting outside often takes us to some incredible places. 

How did you two meet? (Give us as many details as you’d like!)

We went to high school together oddly enough and had lots of mutual friends. At age 19, in our first years of college, we started dating. We were on and off for many years as we grew up. After college Jordan took a job in Arizona and I started a restaurant in our hometown in New Jersey. There was continual heartbreak over those years, but in 2019 Jordan was faced with a decision. He could either marry his Australian girlfriend so she could stay in the USA or let her leave. The ultimatum allowed him to realize that our love story was not over yet. In 2020 I moved to Arizona, we bought a home, adopted a dog and started our life together! 

How did he/she propose?

We went on a trip with my family to the island of Holbox in Mexico. It was gorgeous and we decided to watch the sunset and get some photos. While we were walking into the water he popped the question and we had the most amazing sunset, and popped champagne of course! The rest of the trip was pure bliss. 

How does Kasia Jewelry fit into your story?

I wanted a wedding band that went perfectly with the amazing engagement set that Jordan proposed with. When I found the Kasia Cara band, it was the perfect compliment- something modern but still timeless! I have always loved fashion so I knew I wanted diamonds that were trend-focused, but that I would still love for a lifetime. 

Photography by @jennyreneephoto

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Why Kasia Jewelry?

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Welcome to Kasia Jewelry! No matter where you are in your jewelry journey, we’re glad we've crossed paths. Ahead of you awaits timeless elegance, unmatched attention to detail, and the coolest team of styling experts you’ll find on this side of the Mississippi (if you ask us). We understand that in a world filled with fine jewelry brands, it can be daunting finding the one that best fits into your story. Rest assured - helping you "Create Your Own Story" is what we're known for, therefore allow us to explain one step further - the "why so".

Unique Designs: Letting Individuality Shine

Here at KJ, we believe in celebrating uniqueness by “Creating Your Own Story”. In our collection you’ll find an unparalleled selection of one-of-a-kind pieces, meant for the bride or jewelry lover seeking something unlike any other. From intricately designed necklaces and bracelets to unique let it be modern, contemporary or vintage inspired engagement rings and wedding bands - each piece is carefully crafted to showcase the natural wonders that lie within, echoing its composition. We believe in effortless style, comfort and individuality bringing to life enough pieces where each story can be suitable for each and all.

Aside from a wide range of style selections, we’re proud to offer several price options to suit any budget in our Ready-To-Ship collection, because we believe luxury should be accessible to everyone. Whether you’re searching for a special gift or an investment piece, we ensure that you can find a piece which resonates with you - without ever compromising on quality or beauty. 

If your vision stretches beyond our collection, we still have you covered! Book a Design Consultation and work one-on-one with Kasia herself, where you’ll be a part of the entire creation process - from stone selections all the way to final design, all while collaborating with the visionary who started it all. Either way, wearing a Kasia Jewelry piece, you embrace a distinct style that sets you apart from the rest.

Nurturing Your Jewelry Journey

We take pride in providing our clients with exceptional customer care, always!  From purchase to pick up and years beyond, our team is always available to guide you through your jewelry journey. It begins with expert styling and attention to detail from the moment you walk through our oceanfront doors. Our team of stylists is carefully trained to cater to any aesthetic, lifestyle and budget to help you find your perfect addition. 

It doesn’t end there though; we’re in it for the long haul! With an emphasis on finding practical styles and establishing your care routine, our team will educate you on proper maintenance from home to ensure the longevity of your special pieces for years to come. With any purchase, we’ll send you home with your own jewelry care instructions and some goodies to help maintain your treasures. Additionally, we invite our clients to come back every 6-months or so for complimentary "oil changes" or tune-ups. With exceptional attention to detail, our team carefully inspects and deeply cleans your jewelry - have peace of mind knowing your jewelry is in good hands while you explore the showroom for your next addition! In addition, we offer a limited 1 year in house warranty and offer insurance recommendations if you wish to further protect your fine jewelry.


All Eyes on YOU

Offering our showroom styling sessions and viewings on by appointment basis, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing some incredibly special, intimate moments with individuals and couples alike throughout the years. If there’s one thing we believe in, it’s that our clients are family; so we make it a point to get to know your story, personal likings, and even fur baby names (yes, we remember!) because each unique story makes up the whole of Kasia Jewelry. Thanks to these one-on-one sessions, we put all the focus and attention on YOU removing all the fine jewelry try on stigma all while enabling better understanding of your preferences and what comes with this - personalized styling suggestions. Unable to schedule an appointment? It's worth mentioning that we accommodate whenever possible, so next time you are in our seaside town, ring the doorbell - don’t be shy. 

Once you’re a part of our Kasia Jewelry family, the relationship with us expands beyond these 110+ year old walls and a 40 minute appointment. We’ll keep up with your special occasions and maintain a profile of your wishlist items (making dropping hints for those moments way too easy) over the years, because your milestones matter to us! You may even find a piece named after you or a loved one at some point...


Cozy Up in our Oceanfront Showroom 

Maintaining its centurion charm through all things organic and raw, our showroom inside the historic Guild building is truly meant to create a relaxed, intimate space for you and loved ones to explore your next special addition. Settle in with your choice of rotational champagne, local beers or Kasia’s signature family recipe of Polish Vodka as you let your eyes wander the space and become immersed in all things beautiful. 

After a personal session exploring the collection, we invite you to take in the serene ambiance of our near the water location, just a short three-minute walk from the breathtaking Pacific Ocean! Our showroom is nestled in the heart of Cardiff-by-the-Sea with eateries and drinks located within just minutes walking distance of the KJ home base. Explore and fall in love with the small town charm tucked away in what feels like our own special little corner of San Diego.

As you embark on your jewelry journey, we hope you choose Kasia Jewelry — a brand that embodies exceptional craftsmanship, unique experiences, and a commitment to nurturing lifelong relationships. From one-of-a-kind designs, flexible price ranges and custom work options to exceptional customer service and our serene oceanfront location, we aim to elevate your jewelry experience to a whole new level. So whether we’ve met or have yet to welcome you into our diamond playground, we look forward to helping Create Your Own Story through the years!

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KJ Couples: Kate and Bethany

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We love your love! That is why we have decided to reach out to a few of our amazing Kasia Family members, new and returning, to tell their stories. Love is powerful, beautiful, diverse and worthy of honoring through your unique story. By sharing these openly with you, we intend to spread joy in a time when we need it the most. We understand the privilege it is to be a part of your story, and we hope the sincerity of these couples will reflect the very special relationships we aim to have with everyone who walks through our doors (whether in-person or virtually).

Next up, we have Kate & Bethany. Two creative souls whose hearts merged during the most serendipitous time! 

When did you know that your partner was THE ONE?

Bethany: Cliche, I know, but from the moment we first kissed I knew I wanted
to be with her forever. Being with Kate just makes me feel like home, and I
feel so connected to her that it seems like we have known each other for a

Kate: Sometimes you meet someone and there is just kind of “a knowing.” I
have always felt magnetized to her presence and I think we were always
meant to find each other eventually. We used to joke in the beginning that
we were on the same wavelength, but I do believe that to be true. I feel
the luckiest in life to have found someone that understands without needing
to explain, joins me in my humor and allows me to show up as the most
authentic version of myself.

What is one thing you love about your significant other?

Bethany: I love Kate’s sense of humor and how smart and quick-witted she
is. I feel like we are so good at making each other laugh, and I love that
she gets my sometimes weird and not-funny jokes. We smile and laugh a lot
together and it makes me so happy to be with her.

Kate: Bethany is brilliant, creative, intuitive and always inspires me. We
are both very goal oriented, and it’s a gift to be with someone that
encourages you to be the best version of yourself.

What is an activity you love to do together?

Bethany: I really love doing so much with Kate, traveling, trying new
restaurants, and going on adventures. But the activity I enjoy the most I
think would be spending the morning with her. Most days we wake up
together, chat, cuddle, and drink coffee in bed before taking on the day. I
really think these moments of connection make every day so much better, and
I look forward to every morning with her.

Kate: I love our conversation and emotional connection the most. I am the
most alive when we are connecting, talking about our dreams in life, both
the ones we have together or individually. Admittedly, our best
conversations often happen over good beverages, whether that be first thing
in the morning with a hot cup of coffee in bed or late in the evening
cozying up together in a bar with a Negroni. I find that my favorite
activity together looks exactly how our first date began.

How did you two meet? (Give us as many details as you’d like!)

Kate & Bethany met in Portland back in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic.
At the time Bethany was a coach at Orangetheory and Kate was a new member
at the studio that had just moved back to Portland for work. With so much
shut down, Kate was attending classes regularly to workout. She attempted
to not be too obvious, but was gradually only working out in Bethany’s
classes and even re-arranged her work to accommodate the schedule. Kate was
smitten by Bethany’s voice over the mic, her dry sense of humor and the
encouragement to run a little faster on the treadmill (despite Kate’s
stubbornness in usually saying no). Amazingly, these interactions happened
for months with masks on. It wasn’t until Kate invited Bethany out for a
drink, where they got to smile at each other for the first time over beers
and good conversation.

How did she propose?

We had decided together to go non-traditional with the proposal and booked
a long weekend in Palm Springs knowing that we were going to exchange our
Kasia rings we had customized ourselves. Bethany had initially thought that
we were just going to wing it, but Kate had other plans. Kate surprised
Bethany by hiring a vintage convertible to pick us up and take us on a
drive through all the Palm Springs neighborhoods. At the end of the tour we
were dropped off at the most perfect mid-century home that Kate had rented
for the day, and were greeted by champagne and cinnamon rolls. We wrote
love notes to each other to be read in the future, finally had the big ring
reveal, and then spent the day in the pool. It was perfect.

How does Kasia Jewelry fit into your story?

In the beginning of 2022 we decided to move to San Diego and booked a trip
to scout out some different neighborhoods. Following along for months on
Instagram, Kate was also excited to book an appointment to look at rings so
that we could get an idea of the styles we liked. Kasia was so welcoming
and made a somewhat intimidating process so much fun. We didn’t end up
buying that day, but knew we would be back. A few months later we had
officially made the move and booked an appointment to look at some loose
stones Kasia had from a recent gem show. We were blown away at their
uniqueness and beauty and selected two different champagne diamonds for our
rings. It was such a fun experience to pick out exactly what we wanted, and
wait with anxious anticipation to see the final results together in Palm
Springs. The design process was so fun and we couldn’t be happier with how
they turned out. It was a bonus to get to celebrate with some Polish vodka!

Photography by @theshalomimaginative

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