July Birthstone, Ruby!

Posted by Angeline Weiss on

July babies, this one is for you!

Referred to as the “king of precious stones” in ancient India, Rubies are the second hardest gemstone (the hardest being diamonds) making them suitable for everyday wear. They are coveted for their deep red color, most desirable with hints of purple hues, known as “pigeon’s blood” within the industry. 

What gives Rubies their coveted red color? Very small amounts of the element chromium. The more chromium, the fiercer the red! 

Rubies have been known to carry a wide array of different meanings throughout the centuries. At different times in history, they have been thought to foretell danger, heal inflammatory diseases, calm rage and anger, provide the wearer with invincibility, and bring success in love. We like to think of them as offering ultimate protection, and a recipe for contentment!

We love incorporating pops of red into your story, for a modern, wearable look. 

Our Meitat Band, Chico Band, and Astrid Band offer just that!

For those who are July babies, who know July babies, and who raise July babies, we are sending you extra tranquility and love during your special month!

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