About Kasia

Born from a childhood fascination with the sparkle of gems and the allure of metals, Kasia's journey into the world of jewelry is a tale as captivating as her creations. From her roots in Poland to her travels across continents, every step of her path has been paved with a passion for crafting beauty.

What began as a mere hobby evolved into a flourishing career, driven by the praise of strangers who simply put - loved her jewelry. Embracing her calling, Kasia delved into the art of jewelry-making, infusing the designs with a touch of whimsy and a dash of sophistication.

Inspired by her global adventures, Kasia's creations dance between delicate details and bold statements, reflecting her belief that true elegance lies in the balance of simplicity and extravagance. With the opening of her first showroom in 2016, she invites clients into a world where dreams are spun into gold and gems are transformed into treasures.

But Kasia's journey isn't only about creating beauty—it's about doing so with integrity. With a dedication to ethical practices, her style shines through a blend of meticulously designed and crafted fashion-forward yet classic pieces, along with carefully chosen selections from top vendors to complement her aesthetics, making the jewelry a true reflection of her expertise in the industry. 

As she continues to sculpt her legacy one exquisite piece at a time, Kasia remains a beacon of creativity and elegance in a world hungry for beauty.

About our #KasiaFamily

There is something special about belonging. We often say how fortunate we feel to have created community with such incredible clients. We created something special and want to extend the invitation. When you become a part of the Kasia Family, you truly are a member of our family. You have either interacted with us over the screen, cheers’d Polish Vodka during showroom appointments, joined us during our “World Tour” AKA Pop-Up events or have chosen us to create your story through jewelry. As a community, we need each other. All of us with a common belief: love is what brings us together, and is the entire inspiration behind Kasia Jewelry.

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Attention To Detail

It's a devotion to perfection and an unbeatable attention to detail that separates Kasia Jewelry from the rest.

Covetable Uniqueness

A deep appreciation for the untraditional results in pieces that are truly unlike anything you've ever seen.


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