Don’t Be Afraid of Adding Color to Your Story!

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They say that fashion is cyclical in nature – each trend eventually making its way back to the forefront of our minds and onto our bodies every twenty years or so. And while trends may come and go, the classics are forever: A crisp white button up, trusty denim jeans, Diamonds, and everyday Gold jewelry that looks good with just about anything. These pieces will stand the test of time until the end of time – but aren’t there any classics that have fun with a little color? 

Enter the Emerald. These gemstones have been long adored for their subtle boldness, striking green color and aura of royalty – nothing says everyday opulence quite like them. 

With Emeralds, however, lies the misconception that they are a bit too luxurious for daily styling. Too luxe, too colorful, too regal, too much – we’ve heard it all before, but we are here to debunk that myth. But we know what you are wondering … How can I make Emeralds work for me every day? How can I style them correctly and play with color without doing too much?

No worries, KJ Fam – we’ve got you covered. Here is the definitive guide on how to style Emeralds, from minimalistic pops of color to deliciously bold eye-catching statement pieces. 


First up, we have a little ear candy! Here we have some of our favorite Emerald earring styles, Amanda and Hannah surrounded by a mix of contemporary statement pieces and timeless classics. We absolutely love the contrasting shapes and colors! Just look at how those Emerald green details pop against the accompanying Diamonds and Yellow Gold to create a visually intriguing earscape that stands out on virtually any skin tone. 


Following this same idea is our Emerald Tatiana Necklace. With its Yellow Gold-forward design that mimics rays of sunshine and contrasting, geometric Emerald center stone as an eye-catching focal point, it is the perfect subtle statement piece in any layered necklace look. This splash of color is intentional, yet subtle – the perfect play pieces in experimenting with shape and color without going overboard. 


Nothing screams everyday luxury like our Small Morlet Ring. The signet style adds a minimalistic, yet retro feel that is perfect for any right hand or as an alternative engagement ring. Its slightly domed structure is playful and fun, while its east to west set Emerald center stone adds a touch of sophistication. Business in the front, party all around. Pieces like this are a great example of experimenting with color while still investing in something unique enough to stand on its own, yet classic enough to build a layered look with. 


Emeralds are not only a great way to add a cool edge to any casual look, but also an incredible way to add color to any engagement ring stack and give it that covetable non-traditional flair in a way that will stand the test of time. Because if there is one thing we love mixing Emeralds with, it’s Diamonds! Case in point, our Yarim Band. Gorgeous on its own, but the vintage feel it adds to this engagement stack is downright swoonworthy. 


Where contemporary form meets artful drama. Minimalistic, yet bold, our Reeve Band perfectly frames this geometric engagement ring style by juxtaposing this striking shade of green with an intentional inclusion of negative space to create a very eclectic, yet modern feel. This pairing is definitely for the alternative bride who doesn’t want anything too outside the norm – just something unique enough to call her own. 


This is the one for the non-traditional brides who are unafraid to stand out – for the gal who loves a conversation starter and appreciates this balance of pigment, structure and play. This set is metal-forward, colorful and commanding – the perfect not-so-subtle pop of color and shine to add to any and every look. While the Yolie Ring is the commanding presence in this stack, its bold hue and vintage-inspired cut taking center stage, it is not to be upstaged by this accompanying thick Yellow Gold contour band that adds whimsy, form and modernity. These pieces are perfect opposites that work together to deliver a finished product that is dripping with impact. 

As we begin the month of May, these stones hold an even deeper significance to its wearer. Apart from being this month’s birthstone, Emeralds are symbolic of prosperity, good luck and fortune, making them ideal for special occasions and everyday styling all month long and each month to come. 

Regardless of if you are just beginning your journey into jewelry, or are a seasoned connoisseur looking to broaden your collection with some splashes of green, Emeralds are an incredible stone to add to your arsenal. They are regal and refined, yet add so much interest and fun to any look.

With Emeralds, the world is your oyster! Whether you are at work, grabbing lunch with your girlfriends or on a dinner date with your significant other, there is a way to incorporate Emeralds into each and every outfit, no matter your personal style or aesthetic. Just be sure that you are showing your Emeralds a little extra care and LOVE!

There is a time and a place for everything – and with Emeralds, it's always and everywhere. 

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Mother's Day 2024 Gift Guide

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They say “A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.” We couldn’t agree more.

Today and truly everyday, mother’s are deserving of it all – including tokens every now and then to serve as a reminder of the gratitude we hold for the truest of gems in our lives! So whether you are celebrating your mama, wife, friend, a mama-to-be or even yourself this Mother’s Day, we are here to make it one of the most unforgettable celebrations yet. No two mothers are alike, and their gifts should be no exception!

Jewelry is a timeless, and bold way to express yourself - both as a giver and wearer! Which is why we have curated a collection of gifts that the special women in your life can cherish for years and years to come. Plus, we’re sure she’ll take any excuse to add some treasures to her everyday collection! Keep reading for some serious inspo...


An impactful heirloom for the strongest women in our lives; reach for bold right hand rings. Some of the most sought after styles include dome rings such as our Mayra Ring or Large Morlet Ring

For those who want a little more gem and a little less metal, explore the Colored Gemstone Ring collection where you’ll find some of the most giftable (and iconic) KJ pieces such as the Onyx Rings or Toi-et-Moi style rings. The French concept meaning “you and me” reigns all the more sentimental on this holiday in particular - a symbol of connection to your most beloved lady!


Whether mom is more simplistic with her aesthetic approach or likes to add a bit of flair to her everyday, layered styles are a tried and true way to add elevation to any collection - and a smile to her face! Just imagine: she unwraps a Diamond Initial Necklace from her favorite kiddo (its okay, we’re sure you are too) acting as reminders of the ones who mean the most to her. 

For the mama’s who appreciate maximum impact, our collection of Statement Necklaces holds some remarkable pieces; many of them entirely one-of-a-kind, just like her. 

Neck Candy isn’t the only way to show love either! Forever a top-requested style, Tennis bracelets are of the most timeless gifts appropriate for the occasion. They broadly range from minimalist to ultra-statement and layer like a dream with more understated styles like Steph or Yuko Bracelets.


Take it a step further with personalized gifts catered to the unique mother wearing them. A way of doing this and a recent introduction to the KJ collection has been single earrings! For the first time ever, we offer select styles as individuals - meaning ENDLESS mismatched options. Combine colorful studs like the Amanda Earrings with more staple styles such as the classic Danae Diamond Earrings sure to add a timeless edge to any everyday look. On any given day, you can catch Kasia and members from the KJ team wearing their nontraditional, mismatched studs!

Aside from personalized ear candy combinations, nothing says “made for you” (and mom) like Permanent Jewelry. With this newly added KJ service, you can build your own piece, further personalized by a range of various chains, charms, and pops of color. Styles available include bracelets (a top hit), necklaces, and anklets by request; so we can truly cater to every jewelry-wearer. These styles are particularly great for on-the-go moms looking for true “set it and forget it” pieces. Surprise her with a Permanent Jewelry application appointment - bubbly of choice, great tunes, special memories, and matching accessories await! 

One thing we can all agree on - we would give our moms the world if we could. Start simple and give her something she won’t ever forget… Shop the Gifts For Mom collection to find her perfect match - all Ready-To-Ship just in time for her special day!

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KJ Couples: Aly and Drew

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We love your love! That is why we have decided to reach out to a few of our amazing Kasia Family members, new and returning, to tell their stories. Love is powerful, beautiful, diverse, and worthy of honoring through your unique story. By sharing these openly with you, we intend to spread joy in a time when we need it the most. We understand the privilege it is to be a part of your story, and we hope the sincerity of these couples will reflect the very special relationships we aim to have with everyone who walks through our doors (whether in-person or virtually).

Next up, we have Aly & Drew. A beautiful story about serendipitous encounters... grab your tissues, KJ Fam - it's a MUST for this read!


When did you know that your partner was THE ONE?

Drew: I’d say in all honesty, by our third date I was all too aware our connection was something special in a way I hadn’t experienced before, but I remember the very silly, nuanced moment where I first knew Aly was my partner for life. My nephew was about to have a birthday party, and I had the wacky thought of building him a life-sized-Muppet-esque monster. (The nephew was really into monsters…). Without hesitation, Aly was on board and co-led operation: “build a monster.” We were having this huge silly arts and crafts jam session and I remember looking across the table full of hot glue guns and pelts of shaggy blue fur thinking: “I could do this forever.” I’m glad I found someone who encourages silliness and creativity. The monster’s name was Moe (pictured below). He has since been shoved in the back of my nephews closet until the end of time.

Aly: We met in California during the pandemic while we were both staying with family so I knew there’d come a day when life would resume and distance would be something we’d have to navigate. Rather than being this challenging obstacle, it was an exciting adventure that we took on together with ease. It didn’t scare me at all. About 5 months into our relationship, we flew to New York to go apartment hunting. It was the rainiest most awful day to be outside - kind of like our first date! The moment we walked into our (now) apartment, we knew instantly that it was right. It felt so good inside. In that moment I knew Drew was *the one* and that this was going to be our first home.

What is one thing you love about your significant other?

Drew: When we were getting to know each other I was infatuated with her life story. It was so unique and multi-geographical. I bet if you asked her, she'd never guess that I would say this, but, I love her adventurous spirit. She is motivated by her heart and her curiosity. The things she is unafraid to try, the places she has been and wants to go, her genuine ability to be human wherever she goes and adapt to where her heart leads her is beautiful. 

Aly: There’s no way I can pick one thing I love about Drew. He’s the best person I know and I find more things to love about him every single day. I love how committed he is to his art and his community. I love how fiercely he loves his family, friends and fellow artists. I love how he always champions the underdogs and misfits. I love seeing people light up when they’re on the receiving end of his love. I love being loved by him - there’s nothing like it. 

What is an activity you love to do together?

Drew: Eating. We live in NYC and have access to some of the greatest food and most diverse selections, and it is truly a ritual for us every time we sit and enjoy food together. We also love going to theater together, and the beach plays a crucial role in our lives.

Aly: We have so many fun rituals. One of my favorites is nostalgic movie night. We have a cigar box full of 100+ movie titles that we haven’t seen in a LONG time. On these nights we pull a movie and no matter what, we have to watch it. There have been some weird ones but they make for the most fun night in. We started this when we moved in together in 2021 and we only have about 5 or so left in the box! 

How did you two meet? 

Aly: We were set up by my aunt and Drew’s mom. I know I know, it’s crazy. Apparently setting us up had been in the works for years, we just didn’t know about it. When I was staying with my aunt she asked me if she could give my number to his mom to give to him. We went on our first date on a very rainy Friday the 13th and I think we were both on the verge of cancelling. Before I left the house, the sky started to clear and a huge rainbow appeared (pictured below). I snapped a photo and decided to go for it. I fell for Drew immediately. He was magnetic, the best listener, talented and creating art in a world I knew nothing about. There was no question, I wanted to go out with him again and again and again.

Drew: We sat for dinner, over-ordered, over-shared, over-talked, over-listened, over-laughed, and overstayed our welcome, seeing as we were at our table until after the restaurant actually closed. It was easily the best first date of my life. Frankly, I think we both were a bit surprised.

How did he propose?

Aly: Drew proposed on Dillon Beach in Northern California in June of 2023. Dillon Beach is a very special place for us — we went there on our third date and it continues to be the place we visit to get away from the noise. After a vacation on the Russian River with Drew’s family, the two of us (+ Gordy) split off to get some time together at the beach. We grabbed sandwiches and went on a long walk, watching Gordy chase birds and prance in the water. We sat to eat and started talking about life, plans and our future and next thing I know he’s pulling something that looks a whole lot like a ring out of his bag while Gordy is vigorously digging and kicking up buckets of sand. It was the most beautiful, intimate and on brand moment.

How does Kasia Jewelry fit into your story?

We really wanted unique pieces of jewelry that felt like reflections of us; unconventional and imperfect. When I found the Maribel ring, I fell in love immediately. I adore the matte, wide hammered band and the asymmetrical natural diamond. We reached out and Sara took such good care of us – from the initial conversation on zoom to the in person appointment to choose our wedding bands, we couldn’t have had a better experience. Nobody takes better care of their customers - they even named new wedding bands after us!

Professional photos by Love + Wolves Co

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KJ Couples: Alyssa and Richard

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We love your love! That is why we have decided to reach out to a few of our amazing Kasia Family members, new and returning, to tell their stories. Love is powerful, beautiful, diverse, and worthy of honoring through your unique story. By sharing these openly with you, we intend to spread joy in a time when we need it the most. We understand the privilege it is to be a part of your story, and we hope the sincerity of these couples will reflect the very special relationships we aim to have with everyone who walks through our doors (whether in-person or virtually).

Next up, we have Alyssa & Richard. A sweet story to act as a reminder that what's meant for you will never pass you by...


When did you know that your partner was THE ONE?

Richard: Shortly after I graduated high school, I joined the military and got stationed in Okinawa for two years. Alyssa stayed in California to complete her bachelors degree. Long distance was tough at the time, but we made it work. Eventually, we planned to visit each other halfway in Hawaii. After a series of virtual sunsets through FaceTime, we finally got to watch our first sunset together in person. That’s when I knew she was the one. 

What is one thing you love about your significant other?

Richard: There are so many things to love about Alyssa. If I could choose one, I would definitely say her cooking. Alyssa is filipino and learned how to cook filipino foods from her grandparents. The best way to describe it, other than the delicious flavors, is that her cooking is made with love. 

What is an activity you love to do together?

Alyssa: We love roadtrips! Sometimes our roadtrips are planned and other times they are spontaneous. For us, it is all about the journey rather than the destination. We love car karaoke, finding unique coffee shops, stopping at random places, and taking pictures at picturesque views! 

How did you two meet? 

Alyssa: Richard and I met in the fabulous city of Las Vegas, NV! While one’s first thought might be at the casino, fate actually brought us together at our high school’s tennis courts during try-outs! We were matched to play against each other, one-on-one. Ultimately, I lost to Richard. From that friendly match a beautiful friendship blossomed! Eventually, our friendship evolved into a relationship and then marriage. This year will mark 4 years married and a total of 9 years together. He is my high school sweetheart! 

How did he propose?

Richard: We were driving down the Pacific Coast Highway with Alyssa’s college friends and stopped at a beach in Malibu. We strolled along the water admiring the scenery and wildlife around the area. Of course, Alyssa’s friends knew what was about to happen. After we found the right spot, Alyssa’s friend suggested to take a picture to capture the view. While Alyssa stood there smiling at the camera, I went down on one knee. She turned around and I asked, “Will you?” I was so nervous that I did not even complete the full sentence (haha!). Even so, Alyssa was so happy, she immediately said, “Yes!”, and the rest was history! 

How does Kasia Jewelry fit into your story?

Richard: They say diamonds are a girls best friend but Alyssa loves emeralds (especially since they are her birthstone). We discovered Kasia Jewelry a couple years ago. It was a year after our wedding and I wanted to get Alyssa an anniversary gift. After some research, I got Alyssa a beautiful emerald ring, the Large Diana ring. My first anniversary gift to her and our first Kasia piece! 

Alyssa: When I picked up the Diana ring, I got a chance to meet Kasia. She was so welcoming, friendly, and sweet. In fact, the whole Kasia team is really amazing! Anytime I had a question or inquiry, they were always there to help. Fast forward a couple of years, I was distraught after losing my original wedding band. Because we had such a great experience with Kasia, I got in touch with their stylist virtually (we moved across the country) to find a new wedding band that would pair well with my original engagement ring. Later on that year, we ended up upgrading my engagement ring to the Rosemary ring (as a push present!). The stylist was so helpful in finding the perfect ring to pair with my small Aja wedding band. 

Richard: Then of course, one day Alyssa was browsing through Instagram and saw that they launched a couple of new pieces. She fell in love with the Gianna ring (see? She loves emeralds!) So, as an early anniversary gift, and well because she simply deserved it, I surprised her with it! 

Alyssa: Kasia makes beautiful jewelry from necklaces to rings! Not only that, her team is wonderful. One thing I look forward to (other than future pieces haha!) is to pass down these beautiful pieces to my daughter, Tala, as family heirlooms.

Family Portrait by Sydney Elizabeth French 

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What Would Kasia Do? WWKD

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Our office is small but mighty. Mighty to the point of creating an internal office phrase we would like to elaborate on in this blog post- “What Would Kasia Do?” aka “WWKD?” This is something we often find ourselves asking when navigating all sorts of unique interactions in the world of fine jewelry; but what does it truly mean to ask “WWKD”? In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey to learn the true meaning behind it...  


Through over 15 years of experience in the industry under her belt, raw passion, and creative direction unlike any other, Kasia has brought new meaning to what fine jewelry is and how it is meant to be a part of us. Her one-of-a-kind or carefully curated designs, strict eye for detail and unorthodox way of merging modern trends with timeless elements has been a pillar for many of our clients in identifying their own “voice” when it comes to building their jewelry stories. Allow us to give you a glimpse into the mindset behind the magic!


Kasia Jewelry does not fall into the category of your typical jewelry store. We break the stigma. We go against the grain. We “Create Our Own Story”, celebrating self-expression everyday and inviting our clients to do the same! That’s what has led to the incredible network of ever so growing KJ Family members we have today that found us through seeking unconventional, nontraditional designs, highly-praised, personalized expert styling, and intimacy through appointment-based interactions. 

Now that we have a better understanding of the question, let’s walk through 3 frequent questions that lead us right back to “WWKD?”:


Yes All depends on the type of jewelry we're talking about, with rings being the most vulnerable, as they reside on our most dynamic body part - hand. You may have also heard us say it before, and we’ll always stand behind the “fine jewelry has FINE in it for a reason”. While we understand that most jewelry-wearers today have a preference for having their jewelry be a part of them, we truly believe that pieces are best worn like a pair of really nice shoes; you take them off when you get home and put them back on before venturing out into the world (leave rings at home for your favorite Pilates, Yoga or Gym classes or Costco runs though).

Be sure to read through our Jewelry Care blog for more tips on how to best treat your treasured heirlooms. 


Mixing is a MUST. If you know us, you know we’re not the biggest fans of a “matchy matchy” look. Bringing contrast, definition and character in any stack (rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings included) is essential in building a balanced and versatile personal collection. 

Whether you're mixing metals, statement and dainty pieces, or even textures, know that it is certainly something Kasia would do! 


We’ll always sway toward bold styles, however, there’s room for both, especially if you have the right pieces to do so within your jewelry reserve. We're all about championing a mixed element into any jewelry story, bold with simple styles included. If there’s anything Kasia would NOT do, it's being predictable with her jewelry stylings. Keep it fun, keep in interesting but always intentional. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, jewelry is the easiest way to refine any look - regardless of how bold you go… but as we always say, more is MORE. 

With all of this in mind, we hope the next time you consider how to style, select, or even redesign a piece, you’ll take a moment to ask yourself, “What Would Kasia Do" as we keep it in mind on the daily. 

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