KJ Couples: Ellery & Beloved

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We love your love! That is why we have decided to reach out to a few of our amazing Kasia Tribe members, new and returning, to tell their stories. Love is powerful, beautiful, diverse and worthy of honoring through your unique story. By sharing these openly with you, we intend to spread joy in a time when we need it the most. We understand the privilege it is to be a part of your story, and we hope the sincerity of these couples will reflect the very special relationships we aim to have with everyone who walks through our doors (whether in-person or virtually).

Next up, we have Ellery & Beloved, two incredible souls who inspire us and radiate love!

When did you know that your partner was THE ONE?

I don’t think there was one single thing that made me know Beloved was “the one,” but there was a moment when I realized that no matter what happened in our lives I would go anywhere in the world with him, even if it meant leaving my home, family, and friends in the US and moving to his home country Zimbabwe. I knew that if I cared about Beloved so much that I would follow him around the world, then he was the man I wanted to marry!

What is one thing you love about your significant other?

One of the many things I love about him is how generous and selfless he is. Beloved is always going out of his way to help his friends, family, and strangers. When I first met him I would see him volunteering to clean our pastor’s bathroom every Friday night after our weekly gathering, and his kindness really made an impression on me!

What is an activity you love to do together?

Beloved and I love to go hiking together. It’s a great way to exercise, and we are able to have fun being together at the same time. We love getting outside and appreciating the beauty of nature while we also get a good workout!

How did you two meet? (Give us as many details as you’d like!)

We were attending the same church, and I started going to the Friday night gathering at our pastor’s house that Beloved went to. We were both really shy at first, but we slowly started talking, and with the encouragement of our mutual friend we started hanging out.

How did he/she propose?

We were on our favorite hike, Viejas Mountain. While we were resting at the top of the mountain, Beloved tricked me to stand up by asking me to take some pictures of him to send to his brother. When I stood up he started posing for the pictures, but then he got down on one knee and proposed! I should have known there was a reason he took his backpack this time - he had to have somewhere to keep the ring safe while we were hiking up the mountain!

How does Kasia Jewelry fit into your story?

Kasia and her husband are friends of Beloved’s family. When it was time to pick an engagement ring, we knew we wanted one to see what options Kasia Jewelry had, and we found just the right one! We loved it so much that we returned for our wedding bands. Kasia helped us pick bands that look amazing together and that really fit our personalities. All our friends agree - they are perfect for us!

Photos curtesy of  Jovanna Penney.

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