October Birthstones, Opal & Tourmaline

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October babies are lucky enough to have not one, but two amazing birthstones! Opal and Tourmaline both are known for the array of colors they give off, often times with multiple colors visible in one single stone!


First discovered in India, Opals are valued for their rainbow-like effect, known as “play-of-color”. The colors seem to dance in ever-shifting light, with a truly otherworldly feel. 

The stone stands for hope, truth, and purity. Centuries ago, Opal was thought to carry the meaning of every color stone! For this reason, we like to think Opals carry super powers. 

Australia is a prominent location through which Opals are found. The rare and exquisite Black Opal is found in Australia’s Lightning Ridge, where sweltering hot temperatures and little rain create the perfect environment for these precious stones. Boulder Opals, known for their vibrant shades of teal, are mined exclusively in Queensland. 

Opals are a very delicate stone, around a 5-6 on Mohs Hardness Scale, and require extra love and care! Store Opals separately and by themselves, away from all other jewelry and stones which may scratch or damage the stone.

Our Poppy Necklace is one of our favorite Opal pieces, and makes the perfect gift for your October-born loved one.


Tourmaline is a newer October birthstone and currently our favorite gem! Its name means “stone with mixed colors,” as multiple colors are often visible in one single crystal. Viewed as the “mood ring” of birthstones, we love to think of Tourmaline as the artist’s palette with a color for every feeling and expression. Sometimes mistaken for Emeralds or Sapphires, the colors of Tourmaline range from romantic pink, to deep green, to striking blue-violet with a bit more saturation and intensity. Our Justine Band is a beautiful representation of the wide array of Tourmaline colors.

This stone is rated a 7 on Mohs Hardness Scale, therefore it is generally suitable for everyday wear, and like Opal, is best cleaned with a soft toothbrush and warm, soapy water.

October babies, you are a rainbow of colors - bursting with life and personality! And you deserve a dynamic stone to match.


Pictured below is our Holland Necklace, Justine Band, and Eunice Ring.

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