Our Jewelry Do’s, but Mostly Don’ts

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One of the most important things anyone should know about their fine jewelry is exactly in the name- it is fine jewelry. Some may be surprised to find a lifted prong, dents, scratches, or even a break in their jewelry. The reality is that accidents can occur if not practicing mindful, proper care of your piece. This is especially common with rings, as we tend to forget just how active we are with our hands, and with everyday tasks. The good news is that these oopsies can certainly be avoided as long as you keep some best practices in mind!

We’ve listed what we believe are 6 of the most common ways that you can unintentionally mishandle your jewelry, also known as our KJ Jewelry Don’ts. We've outlined them here in order from the least, to the most common ways we’ve seen pieces be mishandled: 


Don’t #6: Touch your stone/ring from the top

Avoid touching your diamond to prevent getting fingerprints/dirt on it, and avoid loosening of the prongs by pressing directly on the stone (remember, diamonds are strong and can damage metals). What we recommend instead is to handle your ring from the sides (see the photo). This helps keep your stone clean and shining, while preventing any added pressure to the prongs as you handle it. 


Don’t #5: Rub your jewelry against each other

Avoid wearing rings right next to each other, as the pieces can easily rub against one another and cause damage over time. Additionally, diamonds can easily scratch and further damage other diamonds when worn next to each other (yes, diamonds can damage other diamonds). We recommend alternating fingers when wearing multiple rings.


Don’t #4: Get Caught on your clothing

Some jewelry pieces have prongs or pronounced contours that can get caught on heavy knits, or against pockets and other clothing accessories. Make sure to practice care when getting dressed or wearing clothing that can easily snag.

Take note if your piece is repeatedly snagging, as a prong may have lifted and is in need of attention.


Don’t #3: Slam your doors or cabinets

This everyday move is so common, we forget just how quickly we can easily hit or jam your fine jewelry! Watch out for washing machine doors, too!


Don’t #2: With  your furry friends

Whether it’s wrapping the leash around the hand to hold on to our furry friends, or playing around with our loved ones, our energetic family members can surprise us at any moment. All it takes is one, “...Squirrel!”

Don’t #1: Wear your piece when heavy lifting

This is one we know all too well! Just the right amount of pressure while carrying or moving something can result in misshaping and damage to a piece of fine jewelry. Keep in mind, 14k gold is a malleable, fine metal that can become damaged by just the right amount of pressure! 

Our Biggest Do’s:

Handle your piece with love and care

Be sure to remove your piece when applying lotions/perfumes, or working with harsh chemicals- and be sure to store your piece in a safe space. Make sure you keep these best practices in mind and be weary of some common mistakes that can occur.

Schedule “Oil Changes”

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Refer to our Resources

Always refer to our care guidelines, or check out our other blog post regarding proper care and cleaning.


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