What To Know About Champagne Diamonds

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Here is everything you need to know about the stone with all things character! We hope you would consider this incredibly unique and beautiful option when selecting your engagement ring or next amazing statement ring to add to your collection.

What is a Champagne Diamond?

Champagne Diamonds are a unique type of naturally brown-yellow colored diamonds ranging anywhere from a light brown to deep cognac color, giving it the covetable Champagne name. These variations in color are determined by the amount of Nitrogen and other element traces found in the stone at the time of formation; each one uniquely crafted by mother nature. A true one-of-a-kind stone making it a beautiful choice for engagement rings with a touch of different in mind...

The Champagne Diamond Scale

Natural Champagne Diamonds range anywhere from C1 (with subtle undertones of pink-yellow) to C8 (with deeper tones of cognac/chocolate) color. These colors are completely unique to each stone and is something that cannot easily be replicated. When carefully chosen, champagne diamonds can have romantically soft undertones, covetable brilliance, and an elegant, organic style to them.

Something to consider: Subtle undertones should be factored in when considering how the stone will appear against your skin tone keeping in mind that the neutral colors hiding a lot of warmth coming from yellow undertones are the safest of options. We are known for going after just that!

How Do I Pick My Diamond?

When it comes to diamond rings, it's often times more simple than some might think - pick what you fall in love with.

Truly something unrepeatable that can only be done at the time of formation, making it invaluable to the wearer, a true staple in the KJ collection! Also, because of their subtle color, Champagne diamonds are an excellent choice for the stone as they can mask certain inclusions that would have been otherwise visible within colorless diamonds.

Picking out the perfect engagement ring is one of the most important moments of our lives - so we hope when the time comes to start shopping for that perfect piece, you'll consider a Champagne Diamond stone. Remember, these diamonds are completely unique - and the forever ring should be no exception! Discover your dream Champagne Diamond ring here.

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