Your Guide to At-Home Cleaning

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There’s nothing like the way your brand new Kasia Jewelry piece sparkles and shines straight out of the box! Be it a Diamond, Emerald, Aquamarine, Onyx, or other precious stone, a polished and pristine gem can truly make your heart skip a beat. 

In order to ensure your piece lasts many lifetimes and becomes a true heirloom, you must take the proper steps to care for it! It starts with cleaning and regular check ups. 

So, how can you keep it looking as good as new in between professional cleanings?

Traditional jewelry cleaners can often be too harsh on the metal and stone. We recommend keeping it simple. All you need are these three ingredients:

Warm Water
Mild Soap
Soft Toothbrush

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Plug the drain! (For obvious reasons.)
Step 2: Apply soap and water to the toothbrush. 
Step 3: Delicately brush away dirt and fingerprints. Be sure to get under your center stone (that’s where the real shine comes from) and in between settings.

As you clean your pieces, this is the perfect time to inspect for any potential loose stones or not-so-tight prongs. Tap on the stone(s) and listen for any faint sounds. You can also lightly shake the piece next to your ear. If there are any loose stones, you will hear a faint clinging noise.

We do so many things with our hands: reaching into the dark abyss that is our purse, lifting heavy weights, giving our newest plant baby a home in the soil, or scrubbing the sink sparkling clean, and these are just a few to name. What the majority of the jewelry industry doesn’t tell you is that all of this can really take a toll on your fine jewelry pieces! It is not everyone's standard to inform their clients of this, however we feel it is so important to educate our clients on how to properly wear the pieces they have such a deep connection to. 

In order to ensure all stones stay intact, and that the structure of your pieces stay as strong as they were designed, we recommend bringing in your pieces for what we like to call an “oil change” every 6 months. Our design team will thoroughly examine your piece, and check for any potential damage waiting to happen! This is the true secret to keeping your pieces in new condition for years to come. We will also give it a deep clean in one of our ultrasonics and return the clean & shiny piece back within 7 days. 

Schedule your six month check up by following this link, and please do not hesitate to reach out to us here with any questions you may have relating to proper care. 

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