KJ Couples: Celestine & Max

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We love your love! That is why we have decided to reach out to a few of our amazing Kasia Tribe members, new and returning, to tell their stories. Love is powerful, beautiful, diverse and worthy of honoring through your unique story. By sharing these openly with you, we intend to spread joy in a time when we need it the most. We understand the privilege it is to be a part of your story, and we hope the sincerity of these couples will reflect the very special relationships we aim to have with everyone who walks through our doors (whether in-person or virtually).

Next up, we have Celestine and Max, two hearts of gold we are so lucky to know.

When did you know that your partner was THE ONE?

We both knew pretty early on that we wanted to
spend our lives together. We got engaged a little over a year of knowing each other.

What is one thing you love about your significant other?

He inspires me!

What is an activity you love to do together?

We love making our place a home! We’ve been nesting and
enjoy decorating our place and making it feel like “us”.

How did you two meet? (Give us as many details as you’d like!)

Max and I met at Westbean Coffee in Bankers Hill. I was the manager and he’d come in to work on his business. We had a professional tie because he worked on Westbean’s website which I actually pitched for and didn’t get. After seeing it I was super impressed and very curious who knocked it out of the park. Little did I know it was him who was behind it! As he came in more regularly we got to know each other more and more. We learned that we both lived in Philadelphia, worked on the same block there, had similar goals and knew A LOT of the same people - it felt surreal how we had all of these connections and have never met until now. It was the most serendipitous thing I’ve ever experienced. We connected on a soul level and I knew it was something special.

How did he/she propose?

Max proposed in Philly at Bartram’s Garden. It’s the oldest botanic garden in the country. We went for a walk and explored their 50-acre garden during the annual Honey Festival. We found a bench in the shade under a tree overlooking the water. I remembered it being so beautiful and peaceful. Moments later he started talking about us and how much I meant to him and before you know it he was on one knee! Of course I said YES!! I was overcome with so many emotions that the rest was a blur, ha!

How does Kasia Jewelry fit into your story?

When the time came, he really wanted me to be involved in choosing the ring. I knew I wanted it to be sophisticated, romantic and like nothing I’ve ever seen! Once I found the one the rest was history :) We got our wedding bands from KJ as well and we can’t wait to get married!!!

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