September Birthstone, Sapphire!

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September babies (and gemstone admirers everywhere), did you know that the famously blue Sapphire can also be found in vibrant colors of violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, and even gray and black? Sapphires can be found in nearly every color besides Ruby red! Additionally, Sapphires can show two or more colors at once, which are referred to as “Parti Sapphires.” This is just one aspect of the stone that makes them so truly fascinating to us! Just take a look at this range of sapphire tones from our Colored Gemstone collection. 

Rating a 9/10 on Mohs Hardness scale, Sapphires are a wonderful option for everyday wear. Perhaps one of the most famous engagement rings to ever have been, Princess Diana and now Kate Middleton wear a stunning oval Sapphire ring that has given the stone a forever royal feeling. 

Historically, the most coveted Sapphires are found in the region of Kashmir, located in the Sumjam village (a province controlled by India). They are famous for their near-perfect qualities and deep, cornflower blue color. Australia is host to many Parti Sapphires as mentioned above, which typically range from yellow to green to blue. Montana Sapphires (mined right here in Montana, US) can range in color from deep teal to more pale or pastel blue/green hues, making them one of our favorite varieties.

If you wish to incorporate this diverse and captivating gemstone into your jewelry story, we’ve got you covered! Pictured below is our Micah necklace, Pasha ring, Neomi ring, Rahi ring, Joss ring, Kira band, Eternity Rainbow band, and our Tika band. Which vibrant Sapphire beauty is your favorite?

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