Anatomy of Virtual Appointments!

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But what can I really expect from Virtual Appointments with Kasia Jewelry?

We’re sure you’ve heard the buzz by now - we are now offering Virtual Appointments for our clients! Hop on a video call with one of our stylists, and talk through all things jewelry. This can be extremely beneficial in hearing all the answers to your questions, and receiving personalized styling advice based on the pieces you love. But just how beneficial can this be without trying on the pieces in person you ask?

According to our clients, very!

Many of you have found the virtual sessions to be nothing but a huge success saying, “Kasia & her team helped me narrow down the choices by pairing the band with a ring very similar to my engagement ring and virtually showing me how it looked… I would suggest everyone who is interested in purchasing jewelry from here to schedule a virtual appointment because I’m counting down the days until I need to schedule another one!” - Carli M. 

How are we able to achieve this?

1. Seeing is believing!

Say you have a unique engagement ring that you wish to find the perfect wedding band for. We are able to pull an identical or similar style (either the same carat weight, cut, or both) from our expansive collection to use in place of your engagement ring and pair with all the wedding bands you have been eyeing + some suggestions from our stylists!

2. Resources at max!

You will be able to see the pieces not only through the video conference, but through the use of close-up images and videos taken and sent directly to you - in the moment - including all of the pieces you wish to see! 

3. Here for ANY questions!

Often times, purchasing fine jewelry piece is a brand new experience for our clients. We are sure you have many questions, and we are here to help equip you with all of the knowledge you need to make such a special purchase any step of the way! 

4. Exclusivity is the key!

 Last but not least, we have the entire inventory PLUS additional, unreleased or yet to join the website pieces you’ll be able to see for yourself first.

As we navigate our new normal together, we embrace the change and continue to thank you for your incredible support! We are continuously inspired by our client’s flexibility and resiliency. We are making strides and adapting in new ways everyday to best serve our lovely #KasiaTribe. We cannot wait to see you on the screen!

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