Black Lives Matter

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Just like many of you, we have been deeply saddened and frustrated by recent events. During this critical and eye-opening time, it is so easy to feel helpless and powerless. But in order to see real change, we all must start where we can: by educating ourselves, giving back when possible, and most importantly, making a real change within ourselves and our own sphere of influence. 

The fashion industry has historically portrayed a standard of beauty that favors light skin tones and slender bodies. We at Kasia Jewelry have all agreed: we can do a whole lot better promoting inclusivity and positive body image by portraying diversity within our brand. 

Going forward, you can expect to see a change from us.

It starts small but mighty...

We are selling this postcard, featuring artwork by our own Operations Lead, Angeline. She’s using her artistic talents to benefit the Black Lives Matter movement, by donating 100% of the proceeds to Pretty Brown Girl meanwhile Kasia Jewelry will match all donations made. 

Pretty Brown Girl says, “Our mission is to educate girls of color and encourage self-acceptance by cultivating social, emotional and intellectual well-being.” They have been trailblazers when it comes to changing our country’s viewpoint on the standard of beauty, fighting for diversity and inclusivity across multiple industries catering to women and girls. 

Kasia Jewelry’s mantra of “Create Your Own Story” celebrates each individual’s unique personality, approach, style, aesthetic, and most importantly, their own unique experiences which have shaped these things. Our goal continues to be to highlight every reflection of YOU, and we continue to be inspired by the beauty of every size, shape, color, and background.

As a daily reminder to ourselves, we have painted a mural on our showroom wall of this illustration in living color. We hope that it inspires you to tell your own story, and celebrate diversity along with us. Our goal is to continue these efforts of inclusivity long after the hashtags stop trending, and that the permanence of writing it on the wall will serve as a representation of what we strive for as a brand. 

Can you recognize each of the painted pieces of jewelry in our collection?


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