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Your Guide to At-Home Cleaning

Posted by Angeline Weiss on

There’s nothing like the way your brand new Kasia Jewelry piece sparkles and shines straight out of the box! Be it a Diamond, Emerald, Aquamarine, Onyx, or other precious stone, a polished and pristine gem can truly make your heart skip a beat. 

In order to ensure your piece lasts many lifetimes and becomes a true heirloom, you must take the proper steps to care for it! It starts with cleaning and regular check ups. 

So, how can you keep it looking as good as new in between professional cleanings?

Traditional jewelry cleaners can often be too harsh on the metal and stone. We recommend keeping it simple. All you need are these three ingredients:

Warm Water
Mild Soap
Soft Toothbrush

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Plug the drain! (For obvious reasons.)
Step 2: Apply soap and water to the toothbrush. 
Step 3: Delicately brush away dirt and fingerprints. Be sure to get under your center stone (that’s where the real shine comes from) and in between settings.

As you clean your pieces, this is the perfect time to inspect for any potential loose stones or not-so-tight prongs. Tap on the stone(s) and listen for any faint sounds. You can also lightly shake the piece next to your ear. If there are any loose stones, you will hear a faint clinging noise.

We do so many things with our hands: reaching into the dark abyss that is our purse, lifting heavy weights, giving our newest plant baby a home in the soil, or scrubbing the sink sparkling clean, and these are just a few to name. What the majority of the jewelry industry doesn’t tell you is that all of this can really take a toll on your fine jewelry pieces! It is not everyone's standard to inform their clients of this, however we feel it is so important to educate our clients on how to properly wear the pieces they have such a deep connection to. 

In order to ensure all stones stay intact, and that the structure of your pieces stay as strong as they were designed, we recommend bringing in your pieces for what we like to call an “oil change” every 6 months. Our design team will thoroughly examine your piece, and check for any potential damage waiting to happen! This is the true secret to keeping your pieces in new condition for years to come. We will also give it a deep clean in one of our ultrasonics and return the clean & shiny piece back within 7 days. 

Schedule your six month check up by following this link, and please do not hesitate to reach out to us here with any questions you may have relating to proper care. 
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Ballerina Inspired Designs

Posted by Angeline Weiss on

If you are fascinated by intricate design, your style is two parts vintage and one part new, and if your motto is “more is more,” then oh do we have the perfect engagement ring for you!

The intricate and clustered design of this newly discovered dream ring is inspired by ... graceful and beautiful Ballerinas!

Ballerina cluster rings are a fanciful and distinctive style of cluster. Inspired by the shape of a ballerina’s tutu, the cluster of diamonds simulates the flowing movement of the ballerina dancing, creating a dramatic swirling effect on the finger.

Ballerina Inspired Designs were first seen in the 1950's and were favored by some of the most prestigious jewelry houses, such as Tiffany, Boucheron and Oscar Heyman Brothers. The skill in creating a ‘ballerina’ involved meticulous precision and exactness in the cutting and setting of the gemstones to lie perfectly next to each other.

We at Kasia Jewelry, love to put our own unique spin on these classic designs by using a Champagne or Salt & Pepper Diamond as the center stone, surrounded by white Diamond halos. This creates a beautiful contrast, and in our opinion, adds incredible dimension!

Our Petite Sammy Ring, Leilani Ring, Champagne Astro Ring, and Gia Ring all feature romantic Champagne Diamonds in the center. Our original Sammy Ring and Pepper Sol Ring feature Salt & Pepper Diamonds for a touch of edge.

With so much detail in the design, some feel that Ballerina Inspired Engagement Rings leave little room for wedding bands. However, we never miss an opportunity to stack. Introducing Contour Bands is a great way to compliment and highlight a detailed engagement ring.

Hop on a Virtual Appointment with one of our stylists to discover the Ballerina Inspired piece that speaks to you, topped with the perfect complimentary bands!

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The Importance of Ordering Ahead

Posted by Angeline Weiss on

We blinked and the summer was over! We are quickly approaching the much anticipated HOLIDAY SEASON and all eyes are on birthdays, events and upcoming winter weddings and elopements! If you are wondering how far in advance you should start your search and production of your wedding bands or gifts, you are not alone. We are often asked questions regarding lead times, production and timing when it comes to placing an order, especially for an upcoming wedding! That is why, in order to best serve you, we wanted to communicate the importance of timing and placing your order.

The Holiday Season and the Perfect Gift

We can all agree: this year has flown by! It is hard to believe the holidays are right around the corner. With current lead times between 6-8 weeks, and some baguette Diamond pieces at up to 12 weeks, the time to order for an end-of-the-year completion date is now

We truly have a little something for all of the special individuals on your list. 

For your best friend: our Initial Necklace is personal and the sweetest addition to any layered necklace story. We love the versatility and symbolism behind this piece - it can represent your best friend's name, their soon-to-be new last name, their brand new bundle of joy’s name, the list goes on!

For the mother figure in your life: our Tennis Bracelet is classic beauty, yet totally modern at the same time. The epitome of everyday elegance.

For your super cool aunt: Elle Earrings make an amazing every-day piece, or can dress up any outfit (the time where we can go places again has to be right around the corner)! They fit with any style, and transcend through all generations.

For anyone and everyone on your list: our Kasia Candle smells amazing and looks gorgeous in any space. Jasmine, vanilla, and sandalwood come together for a scent that is strong yet romantic, plus it is gender neutral!

For yourself (it’s been quite a year, you deserve a gift too): our all time favorite Bullet Band never disappoints. A statement on its own, or a dramatic addition to a wedding band stack or right hand stack, we know you’ve been eyeing this one all year.

Holiday Engagements and Winter Weddings

In anticipation of the busy holiday season, we highly recommend starting your exciting search for the perfect wedding bands now! As we like to say, ‘you should purchase your wedding bands at the same time you purchase your wedding dress’ (or at least six months before your wedding)! Our typical production time on items, outside Ready To Ship, falls anywhere between a 6-8 week production time. This is to ensure the best precision, starting with properly selected parcels of diamonds all the way to final polishing execution. Wedding bands are an exciting and fun item to check off your wedding list that will last much longer than the flowers, food and cake! Given these uncertain times and the vast majority of weddings being postponed, it has been a joy to watch you find the wedding bands of your dreams and feel the excitement of your big day, regardless of the date. Love is not postponed!

In fact, we are excited to see so many of you recently make the most important decision of your life - popping the big question! We have so many newly added Engagement Rings. These pieces are Ready to Ship - meaning they are ready typically within 1-2 weeks! If you have a special vision in mind, or a family stone you would love to redesign, our Custom/Bespoke projects could be the perfect fit for you. Learn more about custom designs here.

We hope this information helps you to feel informed and confident in the timing of your special purchase, whether that is wedding bands, engagement rings, or a gift. If you have any further questions on production, lead times, or if you are hoping to have your pieces by a certain date, please feel free to reach out to us here.

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Gold Types

Posted by Alex Rosales on


Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum- Which should you choose and why? Choosing a type of gold should be an educated and aesthetic decision to best suit you, your lifestyle, how you use your hands, and even your skin tone. 

For centuries, gold has been the most sought after metal for use in jewelry. In the modern world, The most common types of gold and karat are - 14k yellow, 14k white and 14k rose gold-- all of which are formed by mixing the natural metal with alloys to strengthen it and make it suitable for use in everyday wear. The karatage (defined by the ‘K’)  is an indication of how much metal in the piece is, in fact, gold. In terms of standard percentages, there is 58.3% pure gold in 14K, 75% gold in 18K with 100% gold being present only in 24K gold. For this reason, 14 karat gold is stronger, less resistant to malleability, and is more durable than any higher karat gold since there is more alloy (strengthener) in 14K gold. 


Yellow gold, the most popular gold, occurs naturally and is the purest form of the metal. It is strengthened for jewelry by combining pure gold with elements such as zinc or copper.  Similarly, white gold is mixed with palladium or nickel to give it a color close to silver. It is also plated (covered by another metal) with rhodium which requires some down the road. Lastly, rose gold contains about 25% copper, giving it a pinkish color.

Another metal option is called Platinum. Platinum is even more rare than gold! It occurs in its purest form in very scarce amounts and is generally formed during the mining process of nickel and copper. It is a type of naturally white metal, mixed with alloy. However, it is not plated and therefore develops a 'patina' style wear over time that requires polishing. Platinum is the strongest and most durable of the metals.


There is also an aesthetic side of determining which gold is best for you! At Kasia Jewelry, a majority of our pieces feature 14K yellow gold. This is because yellow gold is classic, timeless, and suits the majority of skin tones. If pink undertones are present in your skin, choosing rose gold could potentially draw out those tones and cause the metal to visually fade into your skin. Whereas yellow gold, with its universal warmth, adds depth and shine to any skin tone. We highly encourage all our clients to follow their hearts when choosing their metal - if you adore rose gold, go for it! We are happy to create any piece in your metal of choice. 


Another element of choosing the type of metal for your precious piece is the type, color, and clarity of your center stone(s). Ironically, a diamond that has more of a yellow tint would be best-suited for yellow gold to add warmth around the stone and cause it to appear brighter and whiter. In contrast, if you put the same stone in white gold, platinum, or rose gold, the yellow tint of the diamond might be significantly more visible due to the contrast of colors. If your center stone is a Salt and Pepper Diamond, yellow gold will create more of a contrast combining the coolness of the stone along with the warmth of yellow gold which adds shine and depth. White or even rose gold will bring out more drama out of the cold hued Salt & Pepper Diamonds! Champagne diamonds, often sourced by Kasia to fall within neutral range, are appropriate for all color metals.

Choosing a type of gold for your jewelry is a very personal choice and varies from person to person. The decision also involves your style (classic, edgy, feminine, etc), undertones in your skin, and other metals already present (or soon-to-be) in your collection. Our informed stylists can easily help educate and guide you toward the right gold for you when choosing your new treasure. Schedule an in-person showroom or virtual appointment to see the amazing variety present in our collection, and don’t forget, we can create any piece in your specific metal choice!

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Anatomy of Virtual Appointments!

Posted by Angeline Weiss on

But what can I really expect from Virtual Appointments with Kasia Jewelry?

We’re sure you’ve heard the buzz by now - we are now offering Virtual Appointments for our clients! Hop on a video call with one of our stylists, and talk through all things jewelry. This can be extremely beneficial in hearing all the answers to your questions, and receiving personalized styling advice based on the pieces you love. But just how beneficial can this be without trying on the pieces in person you ask?

According to our clients, very!

Many of you have found the virtual sessions to be nothing but a huge success saying, “Kasia & her team helped me narrow down the choices by pairing the band with a ring very similar to my engagement ring and virtually showing me how it looked… I would suggest everyone who is interested in purchasing jewelry from here to schedule a virtual appointment because I’m counting down the days until I need to schedule another one!” - Carli M. 

How are we able to achieve this?

1. Seeing is believing!

Say you have a unique engagement ring that you wish to find the perfect wedding band for. We are able to pull an identical or similar style (either the same carat weight, cut, or both) from our expansive collection to use in place of your engagement ring and pair with all the wedding bands you have been eyeing + some suggestions from our stylists!

2. Resources at max!

You will be able to see the pieces not only through the video conference, but through the use of close-up images and videos taken and sent directly to you - in the moment - including all of the pieces you wish to see! 

3. Here for ANY questions!

Often times, purchasing fine jewelry piece is a brand new experience for our clients. We are sure you have many questions, and we are here to help equip you with all of the knowledge you need to make such a special purchase any step of the way! 

4. Exclusivity is the key!

 Last but not least, we have the entire inventory PLUS additional, unreleased or yet to join the website pieces you’ll be able to see for yourself first.

As we navigate our new normal together, we embrace the change and continue to thank you for your incredible support! We are continuously inspired by our client’s flexibility and resiliency. We are making strides and adapting in new ways everyday to best serve our lovely #KasiaTribe. We cannot wait to see you on the screen!

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